Tentitive Sketches

I decided for this week’s post that I would show some sketches that I completed this week from the book that I’m working with ‘Sketching People’ by Lynne Chapman.  These are images directly from the book.  I didn’t feel quite ready to sketch from real life but I’m definitely going to use the suggestions offered to carry my sketching into real life settings.

I haven’t really told you much about myself.  I’m 45 this month, am married to a man I’m still deeply in love with and we are very much blessed with a son anyone would be proud to know, I complete this little introduction to me with our rough collie Leon (he’s a peach.)  While I was practicing my sketches this week I was reminded of something that happened to me when I was in school (this is a very early memory, I must have been seven or eight.) It was during an arts and crafts class, the teacher having decided some weeks before that knitting was the way forward.  I worked hard on this piece, i think it was a scarf, I handed it proudly to my teacher (a very tall, dark haired, dark eyed woman) she held my efforts up to the class and declared that I was the only child she knew of who could knit air holes!  I was devastated and she was clearly disgusted.  I refused to knit after that and she didn’t attempt to force me but I realise now how little instances like this can migrate in to other areas of your life and you begin to form mantras in your head, like ‘I couldn’t draw a straight line’.  Anyway I still have no intention of taking up knitting but I do intend to form some new mantras and hey maybe my creative side has suffocated long enough and could do with some of those air holes!






Great books on sketching

I have a crazy amount of books on sketching and I love each and every one.  The book I’m working with at the moment is ‘SKETCHING PEOPLE’ by Lynne Chapman.  I’m pretty happy to attempt a sketch of my coffee cup or my lunch but sketching people is a different story, I can’t begin to tell you how intimidated I feel by the thought of putting pencil to paper when it comes to drawing the human body!  As I’ve said I am a beginner so I find I need to constantly remind myself to gag my inner critic and give myself a break!  Anyway this is certainly one of the best books for inspiration and a gentle shove toward giving it a go.  It’s a beautiful book full of colour and tips on skething people in all types of environments.  You won’t find reems of information on figure drawing/anatomy but you will find lots of inspiration.

Creative discovery

Hi there, my name is Martha Anne and I have recently decided to delve into my creative side.  I was initially convinced that I didn’t have one and constantly informed people that I met that I was in no way creative, for example, I used to work in a book shop (I’m an avid reader by the way) and one day I starting chatting with a customer who turned out to be a local artist. I’ve always been in awe of artists of all kinds but especially authors and painters, well I produced my usual ‘I couldn’t draw a straight line’ mantra and she very quickly challenged me on this, staring me straight in the eye she demanded to know who had put this thought into my head.  For the first time I was actually speechless, I was almost upset that I had just accepted this belief about myself ( more on this later.) So here I am.  I want to use this blog to try to make friends with my creative self after all these years of denying her absolutely, and if you have found yourself in the same frame of mind you may discover your creative side too.